Submit to have YOUR DESIGN featured on the front of Grace’s Tee-Shirts!!


Hey y’all!

We’re having a tee-shirt design contest!! It’s up to YOU to create the design for my new tee-shirts! The winning design will be featured on all of my tee’s, with full recognition of design going to the winning designer. There will also be a runner-up and honorable mention, with cool prizes for each. Have fun and be creative! I’m so excited to see what you all come up with. Submission deadline extended to October 15th. Detailed instructions on How To Enter, are below. Looking forward to seeing your designs! 🙂

Grand Prize: Featured design on Grace’s tee shirts!!!

Submission Deadline Extended: October 15th.

How to Enter:

  • Email Your Design to:
  • Please Include: Your first & last name, phone number & a valid email address. (for contact use only)
  • Please submit file in a vector format like illustrator, or 300 dpi resolution, crisp and clean, at actual print size in JPG or Photoshop. If none of the above are possible, a PDF of the file will do.
  • Hand drawn images: Are allowed. Please scan image to send.


Help spread the word and share on FB and twitter too!! Thank you <3