The following day was our last day in Nashville. That morning I had a meeting with Chris, our website designer from Nashville Interactive to discuss the site, layout plans etc, and how we would go about building the site. I also brought along a few hand drawn site layouts and ideas. After that, we headed over to a meeting at ASCAP. ASCAP, which stands for the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers, is an amazing organization that helps protect the rights of writers and publishers all over the world. I was going to become an official songwriter under ASCAP!! as well as create my own publishing company. To be able to be part of an organization such as this one is incredible. We had a great meeting and everyone there was so wonderful. After that we said good-bye to Kenny and headed to the airport. To be honest, I was kind of sad to leave…I think I fell in love with the town.

To be able to have such a great experience and know that this is the start of something truly wonderful…is unbelievable. I am SOO thrilled and I cannot wait to share everything with you. Always believe in yourself and always believe in your dreams!!! Love you!

Love always,