The next morning we slept in and I snuck down to have breakfast in my pajamas. It was a good breakfast and a really relaxing morning. Then we headed out to explore Nashville. I really wanted to find this place called Tootsies. Basically it’s a bar, but a lot of really well know country music acts have passed through there. They also have this thing where you sign a dollar and slide it into the wall. It was under construction and really crowded, so we didn’t get to do that. I’ll just have to come back next time. It was a cool spot though. Then we explored other shops, mainly boot shops, on Broadway. Broadway is one of the main strips in Nashville. It has tons of boot stores, music stores, bars and restaurants and country music coming out of pretty much every storefront. Later Mom and I stopped to get frozen yogurt at a frozen yogurt place called Sweet Cee-Cee’s. It’s one of those spots were you put the toppings on your self and the topping containers literally line the walls. It reminded me of an old-fashioned candy store, except modernized. After exploring downtown, we headed back to the hotel, got dinner and then got ready for the Bluebird. The Bluebird Café is an Amazing music venue in Nashville. SO many amazing artists play there, from up and coming singer/songwriters to established country music acts to legendary songwriters. It’s one of the cream of the crop venues in Nashville!

That night we caught an amazing set by four legendary songwriters. Mom and I were the last two people to get in the door and the women at the front let us sit on the window ledge and watch the show, since there were no more actual chairs left. She was so nice! The set included Chris Wallin, Dave Berg, Anthony Smith and Wynn Varble. Sitting there watching them play, I wanted to get out a pen and just start writing then and there. It was so inspirational watching these guys and listening to them sing their songs. was amazing!