Hello from Nashville!!

This past week I had the joy of returning to Nashville, to perform in Nashville for the first time. For me, as a country music artist, Nashville is kind of like London for Olympic athletes.  Country music is everywhere, everyone writes, everyone plays, everyone sings. And most of the writers/players/performers in town are some of the best in the business, so it’s a real honor and a complete thrill just to be in the same town. Then you get to perform there too..and it’s just perfect.

Mom and I drove down from PA on Saturday, splitting the 13 hour drive. After hitting some serious rain storms in VA we decided to spend the night in VA and shortly there after came across a diner right off the highway called the Pink Cadillac Diner. It was painted pink, both inside and out and had a pink cadalic parked out front. It was also decked out in Elvis memorabilia, from floor to ceiling-definitely a unique find on the road. Once we got into town Sunday afternoon I had a rehersal with my guitar player Erick Hedrick. Erick will be joining me again when I’m in town in August and hopefully for Septembers shows as well.

Monday night was an event! I was hoping to play at the Bluebird Cafe’s ledgendary open mic night, but due to the high volume of performs that come out to play at the open mic, I was unable to get in the door. But I did get a ticket that guarantees me a slot the next time I’m in town. So come on out to the Bluebird August 6th-looking forward to it! Since it was still early Erick suggested I check out a band called The Time Jumpers. They play every Monday night at a local bar called 3rd and Lindsley. The band is made up of some of the best session players in town. Also Vince Gill plays in the band when ever he’s not on tour, and lucky for us, he was not on tour. So in a nut shell my night consisted of hanging out at the Bluebird, watching an amazing band play, meeting Vince Gill and ordering fried pickles! That’s a pretty great night in my book. Oh.. and for those of you Northerner’s that don’t know what fried pickles are-you gotta try ’em, they’re the best!

Tuesday night I had a set at the Commodore Grill. Every Tuesday night Debi Champion hosts a writers round at the Commodore Grill. Those performing at the round are a mix of both up-and-coming as well as already established songwriters. If you’re ever in town, check it out. You’re ears will not be sorry you did. I got to open before the round started at 6:30pm. Erick and I performed all three songs and I have a feeling the audience liked ’em. There were a few guys at the bar that were really getting into the music, foot stomping, taping their hand on their leg keeping the beat-it’s always great seeing people get into my music. I had a ton of fun performing at the Commodore! It was also great hearing other writers play. There is SO much amazing country music in Nashville! Posted a few pictures below, hope you enjoy ’em. For those of you in the TN area, I’ll be back in town August 6th playing the Bluebird and August 7th for a writers round at Hotel Indigo (near 4th Ave.) Can’t wait to go back to Nashville! See you soon :)-