After dinner we headed back to the studio to do our main vocal session. When we got back to the studio, they had transformed the main studio area into this peaceful zen like room. There was a big afghan rug in the center of the floor and they had lit a few candles around the room. We even dimmed the lights-lolJ I got to use this mic that according to Chris, was the “Cadillac” of microphones. It was seriously awesome and the sound quality was unbelievable. I had my own music stand and two wooden stools, one of which had 4 bottles of water on it. It was set up like you see in the movies or pictures of recording studios-so cool!! We started off with Home, doing a few takes on the overall song. Then we focused on a few key spots. For example, they made me sing the word “Phone,” about 20 different times, 20 different ways. By the end we were all laughing and singing it with different interpretations. After that we moved on to Simpler Times. It was so cool to hear this song come to life and being able to sing into that guitar solo was awesome. I remember at one point, I was so into it, I had my eyes closed and my nose bumped the mic and I started laughing during the take. Since Kenny and Chris where at the sound board and we were separated by a glass wall, they were like, “What’s going on?” I told them what I did and they just cracked up. We were having funJ After finishing Simpler Times I moved on to Take Me. Just like during the tracking session, this song was magical during the vocal session. We literally did this song in two takes. They had me do a few more just so they would have a little extra material, but we had it in the first two. It was unbelievable. This song has just been magical since the beginning. After finishing up Take Me, our session was complete. Oh, btw we finished at exactly 10:42pm. 42 is my lucky number and it seems to pop up in very appropriate places. For example our original work tape for Take Me was 2:42 minutes long…crazy how that works. I couldn’t believe that that was it. We did all three songs in one session. It was amazing! After saying goodbye to Chris, we followed Kenny back towards the highway. At one point he pulled over and Mom and I were like, “What is he doing?” We pulled up next to him and he was like, “That building over there is Reba’s. Thought you would think that was pretty cool.” He was right. I didJ After getting back to the hotel Mom and I celebrated by splitting this little chocolate moose cake from the hotel’s café. We sat at the counter for a few hours talking and laughing….and just reminiscing. It was a good night.