As most of you know a portion of the proceeds from my debut single “Home,” goes towards Tree House Books, an amazing after school program in North Philadelphia. In addition to donating a portion of the proceeds from “Home,” I have partnered up with Tree House, doing a handful of fun activities with the kids from Tree House. In our first event, I performed “Home,” for all the kids at Tree House Books. After the performance, the kids made posters, choosing one word that represented “home” to them. We had everything from family to love to food!! I had a complete blast that afternoon performing for the kids and helping them make posters!

This past Friday, I went back to Tree House, to do a songwriting workshop with the kids! We talked about everything from song structure to their favorite artists, such as Nikki Minaj and Chris Brown, and in the end, we decided to write our own song about summer! Each of the kids were to write down ten things that they loved about summer. After coming up with our chorus, one item from everyone’s list became a line in the song. As the kids told me their lines, I wrote them down on a very large poster on the wall. After a few practice rounds we all sang the song through and I recorded it on my phone, to be able to share it with them and all of you. We didn’t have any instruments, so we snapped our fingers along to the beat. I’ve posted the audio link below, along with the words to the song. The kids had a really great time writing this song! (It’s SO cute!!) Also a huge shout out to Ms. Lauren at Tree House Books for helping us put everything together that afternoon, couldn’t have done it without you! 🙂

Click Here to listen to the song the kids wrote! All About the Summer, Tree House Books