Happy New Year!! 


2013 has been an amazing year and I know things are only looking up for 2014!! I’ve had the privilege of doing a lot of cool things this past year, performing at some pretty amazing venues and with some pretty amazing people I might add.

We played over 40 shows this year. I graduated from college. We headlined at World Cafe Live. We officially got Tee-shirts! I signed with an agency on the college tour circuit and booked my first college tour show. If you go to East Stroudsburg University, I’ll see you on March 11th!! And a lot of other really cool things happened too. But the one thing that left the biggest impression on me, was partnering with Musicians On Call, right here in Philadelphia.


These are my favorite Musicians On Call moments from 2013.


Singing for an older women in a well lit hospital room. When I finish she looks at me and goes “Honey, you can SINGG!!” When I ask her if she’d like to hear a second song, she cracks up and goes, “Honey, you can stay here all night!”

To a young man slightly older than myself, alone in a hospital room, I sing “Home.” Afterwards he wipes away a tear and says, “If I could clap, I would,” and then chuckles softly. He was missing an arm and possibly even a leg (I try not to notice differences).

To a little boy of about 2 (I call him my man) who was decked out in the coolest PJ’s  you’ve ever seen-they had little mini converses all over them. According to one of the nurses he talked constantly (2 year old style) and cried all the time. Well, together we changed all that. He was sitting in a stroller in the hospital hallway with one of the nurses, and I got down on my knees in front of him and started singing the first half of “Double Kiss Goodnight.” From those first few notes he was hooked. He looked at me with those big, beautiful brown eyes, and was just mesmerized, no more tears, no more rambling on. He then came with me for the next 4 rooms or so. That’s why he’s my man 🙂

When I perform with Musicians On Call, for me it’s all about making someone smile, making someone laugh, spreading joy and as I like to say, “spreading smiles.” I could go on and on telling you other stories, similar to the ones above, but I know you have a million other things to do in your day, so I’ll leave you with just a few. And if you have a moment, check out Musicians On Call. They are an amazing non-for-profit located in several major cities across the country and they are wonderful!!

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me and for coming on this journey with me. It means more then you know.

Don’t Forget to Always Believe in Yourself & Your Dreams….and may 2014 be YOUR BEST YEAR yet!

Much love,